Musical Hour 44

deadpool hands 600w


ZOMG! This one is actually SFW!!!

Musical Hour 44 MP3

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Musical Hour #42 Playlist

Musical Hour 42

DJ Jelly – Combination NekoNationJoypad
Yoshi’s Toilet
The Left Rights – FREE PORN
DJ Jelly – Baby Got Boner
Mickey Avalon – My Dick
DJ Jelly – Assault on Please Wank Me
James Brown – I Feel Good (feat Goat)
DC Brothers – Willy Bum Bum Remix
DJ Jelly – Zuiikin Diarrhea Mix
DJ Jelly – Butterfly (feat Goat)_
djJack – Monkey Island 2 Theme
E-Rotic – Help Me Dr Dick
Hatsune Miku – Ievan Polka (8-Bit NSF Cover)
Izera – Playing In Elevators (Aytakk Bee Mix 2016)
Justin Bieber – Baby (feat Goat)
LazyTown – You Are A Pirate (Jumpstyle Remix)
O-Zone – Dragostea Din Tei
PSY – Gangnam Style (feat Goat)
Boom Boxx Feat Linda O – Balla Da Li
DJ Jelly – Rickroll Gangnam Style
Gregorian Owned Chant
Pianosketcher – Do A Barrel Roll Remix
Rebecca Black – Friday (feat Goat)
Propellorboy – Face McShooty Remix
DJ Jelly – P O L K A S on 4 2 0
MACINTOSH PLUS – リサフランク420 現代のコンピュー
Smooth McGroove – Guile Theme Acapella
Leisure Suit Larry 2 (Roland MT-32)
rev5 – Zero Wing
The Gothsicles – Konami Code [Epsilon Minus Remix]
Skrillex (feat Goat)
Gunther – Teeny Weeny String Bikini
DJ Jelly – Cruel Angel’s Jelly Time
The Chicken Dance (Techno Remix)
Eat Da Poo Poo (Extended)
Koit – My Bum Goes (The Fart Song)
Weebl – Shetland Pony (featuring Amazing Horse)
DaRude – Sandstorm (Jelly’s Bass Drop)
I’m A Banana
Kat Mcsnatch – You Are A Cunt


Musical Hour 41

Kevin Bloody Wilson – Festival of Farts
Barry & The Bookbinders – Fart in an Elevator
Jibjab – Farting Elves’ 12 Days of Christmas
Bob’s Burgers – Gene’s Fart Song
Christopher Garmon – Fart Song
Da Yoopers – A Fart Can Be A Friend
Shrek (The Musical) – Fart Fest
Fart Art – Anuskelkater
Strangely Brown – Girls Don’t Fart
Last Christmas (I Did a Big Fart)
Fartstep (Apples mix)
Flatulina – Auld Lang Syne
Flatulina’s Holiday Dance Mix
OneyMusic – The Fart of War
Seamus Kennedy – Monkey Farts
Weird Al Yankovic – Oops I Farted Again
Thy Fart Is Murder – Reign of Fartness
Silent Fart (Silent Night)
Tiny – Fart in Front of Me
Mr Wizard vs Julius Fucik – Why Don’t My Farts Smell Like Pizza?
Psychorel – Fart Christmas Song
DJ Jelly – Zuiikin Diarrhea Mix

Musical Hour #40 Playlist

Musical Hour 40

David Seville – The Witch Doctor
Sex Gang Children – Sebastiane
Rathergood – The Axolotl Song
A Drop So Sick That If You’re 15 Seconds In I’m Sorry But You Already Have Hepatitis
Flight 39 – Down Under
Green Jelly – Anarchy In The UK
The Lonely Island – Who Said We’re Wack
Koit – Do Your Boobs Hang Low
Craggat – Where My Durries At
Andrew Pants – My Sister-In-Law’s Ears
Glomag – Pocket Calculator
Michel Colombier – L’alpagueur
Yolovis – What Does The Doge Say
John Colrain – The Farting Song
Transformers Classic
Aqua Teen Hunger Force – Lets Go To The Lobby
The Left Rights – Darth Vader
DJ Jelly – P O L K A S on 4 2 0
beeeeees – annaka is taken to a gay bar
Pendulum – ABC Theme (remix)
Weebl – Fat Labrador